Make Backup of Installed Apps of Your Android Phone on Memory Card (as .apk files)

There are many Android users who want to make backup of installed applications of their Android phone or tablet on memory card (SD card). The possible reasons are as follows:

  • User want to apply full factory reset which will erase all manual installations.
  • User want to install same apps on another Android phone without any internet connection.
  • User have installed an application which has moderate importance for him but due to insufficient internal storage of phone, he want to uninstall it.

There may be any other reason for you but if this is the case, then My APKs is an ultimate solution for you. This is the best backup & restore solution of installed applications for your Android phone. This is completely FREE and also ADS FREE application. A must have application for your Android devices.

Main Features of “My APKs” application:

Create backup of installed applications on memory card. You have option to manually select every single installed application or just make a backup of ALL installed apps by a single click. I have 38 installed apps and it took approximately 15 seconds (for 57MB size) to save all these apps on SD Card as “.apk” files. It is assumed that you already know what is “apk” file (Android Application Package). For more info, please read this article.

The home screen of My APKs shows a list of all installed applications. Select any application and long press on the screen will show some options for you like:

Details : Shows information about installed application like version number, installation date, updated date, file size, permissions etc.

Copy to : Select the folder on memory card to save the selected application as a .apk file. I have manually created new folder named as “My_APKs”.

Share (apk) : Share the selected app via wifi, bluetooth, email, skype etc.

Share (url) : Share the web link of selected app present on Google Play Store.

Report : Save the list of all installed applications on SD card as txt, html or pdf file.

These are the screenshots of My APKs application running successfully on QMobile Noir A2 (1GHz version, Gingerbread 2.3.6):

The best part is that you can also save system apk files like Google Play Store. First, you have to select option “Load System Apps too : YES” under “Settings” Menu. Then make a backup which will save all apk files (APK Folder size : 176 MB for my case). One can easily find the required apk saved file if browse it from Android File Manager as seen in the screen shots above.

Developer’s Website link

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