Root QMobile Noir A2 and Install CWM Recovery version

QMobile Noir A2 was first rooted by an XDA forum member named as “Nagdrx”, although he is so humble about this procedure that he is not the creator of this method and just connected some pieces to get a working method. This statement gave a room to some cheaters to claim the ownership of this method. But the fact is fact. He is still the first person who practically rooted QMobile Noir A2 (MT 6575 version 2 ). I personally very thankful to “Nagdrx” for his post. You can read his great post from this page.

Anyway, I followed his procedure and made this simplest tutorial for beginners who can’t understand it without screenshots. First of all, download this compressed file to your PC. Uncompress above rar file to desktop like this:


You will see “Noir A2 ROOT” folder having these contents:

1. SP_Flash_Tool (Folder)
2. CWM-Recovery- (file)
3. MT6573_Android_scatter.txt (file)
4. (file)

Copy compressed file “” to SD Card of your mobile. Now install USB driver from this rar file before proceeding to the next step. It is assumed that USB debugging mode is enabled on your mobile. You can get it by going to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB debugging (check: ON). Select Allow USB debugging : OK.

Disconnect your mobile from PC and follow these steps:

Open folder “SP_Flash_Tool” :


Execute “Flash_Tool.exe” file to see screen below :


Click on “Scatter-loading” radio button and select “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt” file :


Click “OK” to ignore this message :


This will load the scatter file. Now click on “Recovery” option to open “CWM-Recovery-” file :


You can see complete file path of Recovery image file when you open it :


Switch off your QMobile Noir A2 mobile and remove battery for few seconds. Then again put battery into mobile but keep it in switch-off state. Click to “Download” radio button which will start the 14 seconds count down :


Immediately connect your mobile to PC via USB cable to start the download process :


After the completion of download, you will see “Rom Download Result” dialog message followed by green circle dialog screen like below :



Now CWM Recovery has been installed. Close the “SP_Flash_Tool” software. Automatically you will see “Found New Hardware Wizard” dialog screens. Just click “Next” button and follow the steps :








Now disconnect your mobile from PC. Press “Power” button, Volume UP and Volume Down keys simultaneously for 3 seconds till you see two options:

Recovery Mode: Volume Up
Factory Mode: Volume Down

Just press “Volume Up” side key to boot into Recovery Mode. You will see this screen:


Select “install zip from sdcard” by pressing “Power” button :


Select “choose zip from sdcard” by pressing “Power” button :



Select “” file and press “Power” button :


This will install SuperSU application into your mobile :


Now you have “Rooted QMobile Noir A2” with CWM Recovery installed. Select “reboot system now” to go into system mode. Below are the screenshots after the root process:




WARNING: After this root process, you must make backup of currently installed ROM before uninstalling any application. So that you can easily go back to its original state. You can do it (under CWM recovery) by going to backup and restore > backup.

All the screenshots of system and recovery modes are taken by using my newly developed software “AndScreen v 1.1.0”, developed in Visual Basic 6 language. I will upload this new 1.1.0 version  on 21st October, 2013. Below is the screenshot of this upcoming version 1.1.0:


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Usman Afzal

218 thoughts on “Root QMobile Noir A2 and Install CWM Recovery version”

    1. Congratulations. Now download “Uninstall Master” or “Clean Master” from play store and uninstall system apps like Youtube, GMail, Yahoo Mail, Documents To Go, Facebook, Opera Mini, Skype, Twitter, Saavan etc. But don’t touch necessary system files which may cause problems to your mobile.
      Still I am not aware of any procedure for conversion of GB into ICS or JB. If there will be any development, I will post it here.

      1. Above rooting method was applied on QMobile Noir A2 (version 2). You can check your mobile’s version by removing the battery. It must be written V2 or V3. This method is not tested on V3.

      2. Dear Usman,
        I have tried with v2.. but file not loaded when plugged mobile cable in 14 sec count time

        image load error
        pls guide
        Bilal 03005559894

      3. I got 14013 error after download ends when i connect switched off cellphone to data cable after propmting of 14 second msg

      4. Merey Qmobile a2 lite main jeb skype per login honey ki koshish kerta hoon to yeproblem appear hota hai ! “”” You cannot be signed in at this time. Please check yourmobile network settings and try again “””mera mobile wifi se bhee connect hai aur baki sari cheezain chel rhi hain laiken skype main ye problem hai .Skype update bhee kia hai laiken pher bhee yahi problem aa rha hai….Help me !!

      1. Dear brother i m successfully installed your rom on my qmobile A2 V2.but after all process complete my simms no detect network on mobile will u please help me 😦 😦 😦

  1. I have reached the CWM recovery mode but could not go further it gives error in the installing from sd card
    E. can’t mount sd card
    then i tried mounts and storage but there was same error too please tell me if its the problem in my sd card as I have made three partitions in it.

  2. i found EBOOT ERROR : (16008)
    [Android] Partition size changed!
    Partial images downlaod error.
    The following partitions must be down FULL downloaded all together

    what this mean dear and please guide me and help me

  3. I am having a problem, please help.
    After successfully installing CWM recovery file, when I closed SP tool window nothing happens, besides I get a pop up window saying driver not successfully installed. I am using win 7, 32-bit ultimate edition.

  4. Bro. I have installed CMW Rcovery but when i try to get into recovery mood by pressing “Power” “Volume UP Down” simultaneously, Nothing happened & Phone just turn On as usual.. Can yu plz Help ?

  5. Bro. I have installed CWM Recovery & Drivers successfully but when i try to get into Recovery mood by pressing “Power” & “Volume Up” button simultaneously, nothing happens instead phone starts normally as usual. Can you plz guide.

  6. Thank You Usman bhai..I have done it successfully. I have deleted preloaded apps but it is still showing me exactly the same memory remaining as it was before rooting.. What should I do now?

  7. I have root it successfully. I have deleted preload apps but it’s still showing me exactly the same memory remaining as it was before rooting. What should I do now? please help

    1. Use “Clean Master” app to clean remaining leftover data from internal memory. Create backups of your current ROM before removing system apps otherwise you cant restore to its original form. I will upload my trimmed version of Noir A2 ROM tomorrow. It has almost 122 MB free internal memory.

      1. thanx brother i have done it successfully, but after uninstalling unwanted apps, memory still remained same. i have also used clean master but memory is same. plz help me

  8. Asslam-u-Alaikum Bhai
    Please please give me your backedup ROM of Noir A2.m having problem with my frame work apk. If you will give me the Skock ROM I Shall be very thankful other wise it will be good for me to have your custom Rom.please …..give me in rar format. If you can’t upload direct make a torrent file for me ….thanks in advance….

  9. Usman Bhai i downgraded My Qmobile A2 v2 to custom rom but its showing invalid IMEI. Please help me. i tried every method i.e from volcano tools, IMEI Generator through CMD and copy paste of MPOB_001 file to data/nvrm/md/nvrm/NVD_IMEI/ but still my Noir A2 v2 is giving invalid IMEI. Presently i am in Qatar. Please help me pleaseeeeeeeeeee

  10. Hi usman i have A2 every thing i done to when its comes green ok but when i close sp flash after that you said its atumetcly show new hardwere found i wait bhut nothing gon a hepend can you plese tell me what i have to do now its A2 v2 thanks

  11. hii.. when I try to root my mobile .. arrives a msg *can not find USB port* what hv I to do?? I hv tried many times but nothng hppnd.. please help me. I am usind the USB CABLE of NOIR A2

  12. The root worked, although I deleted the preinstalled apps like Angry birds,opera,Saavan using clean master yet the internal memory remains the same :/
    How do I increase my memory? Help?

  13. tell me how to restore system default fonts ?, i have downloaded some fonts from play store and set it as a default font . but now i want original system font .. repley ASAP please

    1. This root method is not for v3 mobile as reported by some noir a2 v3 users. For v3 root method link, please read my reply to “omair.s.r” on december 5, 2013 (under comments section).

      1. mohammad usman from dubai sir plz apna mobile send kro qmobile mein toura masla hey wo puchna hey plz apna mobile number send kro

  14. Dear Usman,
    I tried to root my Q mobile noir A2 and i failed to do so as my phone is not turning on after i powered it off as guided by the steps.

    After that in the next step, my phone was not read by my computer and i just cant figure out the problem with the phone…


    Rizwan: 0312 5611110

    1. Please note that above root procedure is only for Noir A2 Version2 mobile. If u have done all the steps carefully then there will be no problem. Provide some details like:

      1. CWM Recovery successfully installed: Yes/ No
      2. Failed to boot into Recovery mode: Yes/ No
      3. USB drivers installed: Yes/ No

      1. Dear Usman ,
        My qmobile is v2 and it does not switches on after i take out the battery and it does not even gets read by my computer thou i have installed all drivers…

        Help me plss

  15. after hiting download ,the yellow bar loads and ownload compltes but suddenly i get

    eboot error :(14013)


    what to do?so far so goo all the steps have ben done.just cant get through this sttep.please hlp i really want to root my a 2

    the usb drivers,there are many files in it,which ones to click on?

  16. finally after whole nights work my phone is sucesfully rooted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i just removed twitter,savan,angry birds and all useles apps which were not in my use.

    thanks to ALLAH AND MY GOOD BROTHR (YOU) for guiding me.

    howver i have one issue.i heard that rrooting your phone increases built in memory. how?do you create any drives?like you make c, d, f ,e, any partitions you like?

    is there any chance of increasing built in memory of phone,through reating partitions or anything please TELL ME I WILL BE THANKFUL.

      1. i tried making partitions following the tutorials you agve me.i id all the steps but it shows in minitool and link2sd that i have 2 partitions now,but the ext2 partitions doesnt seem to work.nothing is moving there when i view it from link2sd. there doesnt seem to be any free space on internal or sd card,and the sd card is partitioned to 1 gb, and the other partition i created for moving apps isnt working at all usman bhai
        help please

      2. Create ext partition from CWM recovery menu. First delete partition that you have created using mini tool then proceed with CWM recovery. When you are in the recovery main screen, go to advanced > partition sdcard.

        Select Ext Size: 1024M
        Select Swap Size: 0M
        Wait few minutes till the process is completed.

      3. Donethis successfully usman bhai but link2sd shows the ext not mounted and nothing is moving in the ext partition.although it has been created successfully but link2sd says its not mounted






      5. usman bhai..please help i am in big trouble with my noir a2 v2.

        previously i rooted my phone and deleted the stock messaging app and google playstore by mistake.

        i wanted it back so i unrooted it first.and then flashed a stock rom,followed the tutorial from here.

        i have the original apps now.but i cannot use wifi or any sim.there is absolutely no network in my phone.upon inserting any sim im getting invalid imei.

        i tried repairing the imei from a tutorial on the same link i have posted
        are the steps i followed.

        1) Note down both IMEI number from back of your phone by removing battery.

        2) Open the MTKDroid tool

        3) Connect your to phone to usb cable and wait for it detection in software.

        4) Now Select Replace IMEI. Enter both of your IMEI into IMEI1 & IMEI2 respectively.

        5) Reboot your phone.

        but i still cannot connect to wifi,or get any simcard to work with my phone.mtk droid detects the correct imei number which is on the back of my phone,but if it is correct why am i not able to use any sim?

        please i am very hopeless about this.only you can help me and ofcourse ALMIGHTY ALLAH.
        please help me how i can get my wifi and mobile networks back usman bhai.please 😥

  17. afzal bhai thanks for the link but i am sad bcoz this method of rooting Qmobile noir a2 v3 is very difficult i was very happy i though that Q noir a2 v2 root procedure will work the same on my v3 but “No”.now my 2 frendz have rooted Qmobile noir a2 and they tease me that u dont have rooted phone and i keep silent..i dont know how to root v3… ;(

  18. The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0150002). Click on OK to terminate the application..
    I am facing this type of error when i open a application of flash tool
    Bro plz help me. My phone has been locked due to draw wrong pattern… 😦 😥

  19. 1–How can I install usb drivers for my A2?
    2–I tried the mathod you mentioned above it is not installing.
    3–I install drivers by Qmobile suite, is it sufficient or not?

  20. Sir main ny try kiya hai par “Flash_Tool.exe” open hi nahi horaha
    error dyraha hai I’m using window xp!! can you please sort this out or any substitute?

      1. the application failed to initialize properly (0x0150002) press ok to terminate the problem
        i’ve taklen a screen shot too! i can send it to you if you have facebook page/id ??

      2. Before asking any question, first read comments section. Anyway, check that Microsoft dotnet framework (3.5 version at least) is installed on your pc. If not then download n install it then try again.

  21. or just tell me k can i increase my RAM by creating ext partition by following the tutorial mentioned above by you??

    1. To deal with low internal memory problem,you need to apply a combination of two methods:

      1. ADB Method

      2. Link2SD Method (for rooted phone only)

      To use Link2SD method, first create ext partition in sd card and then use Link2SD app to link installed apps with this ext partition. Create ext partition from CWM recovery menu. When you are in the recovery main screen, go to advanced > partition sdcard.

      Select Ext Size: 1024M
      Select Swap Size: 0M
      Wait few minutes till the process is completed.

      Open Link2SD app and select ext3 type file system in Link2SD. for more info, read this post:

      1. How can i unroot my Qmobile A2.

        *PROBLEM :* I have changed my fornt by using “my font” app . that was downloaded from Google Play. But know i want to go back to my orignal font. but it is not working. Kindly help me as soon as possible. i m w8ing for your rply….

  22. Usman Bhai need some help here When I connect my phone to the PC I couldnt find the SD card
    My PC is not recognizing it. I have installed the driver and every thing you said but it is not working. PLZ help me….

      1. I am using it but actually cant select the usb debugging mode because my phone is actually not starting it just show the initial Q mobile screen and doesnt move on. So is there a process or way to make it work.

      2. Make sure that USB debugging option is unchecked. Connect mobile to pc via usb cable. After few moments, SD card will be appeared as a separate drive on windows or linux systems. Alternatively, install AirDroid from play store and explore SD card of your mobile from PC via wifi connection. Transfer files from PC to mobile or vice versa without using USB cable.

  23. PROBLEM :

    I have changed my font by using “my font” app . that was downloaded from Google Play. But know i want to go back to my original font. but it is not working.
    Kindly help me as soon as possible. i m w8ing for your reply….

  24. ok here goes all organized.

    i own a q mobile noir a2 v2

    i recently rooted it but accidentaly deleted some stock apps which i wanted i thought unroooting the device will maybe bring back my stock apps.

    i unrooted it but what was deleted,stayed deleted.i decided to flash stock rom for noir a2.i did,got back all the apps,

    ISSUE #1

    but imei of my phone changed.i have tried many times to repair it with mtk droid tools,maui meta,sn write tool,imei fix., etc, but i dont phone is not reading my sim cards at any cost.

    when i take out both sims, and check with *#06# it shows the correct imei,which is written on the back of my phone. but as soon as i insert the sims and check imei,the imei 1 is invalid, and imei 2 is some incorrect imei.

    please guide me how to get the networks back in my phone

    ISSUE #2

    my wifi also doesnot work after flashing the detects wifi network,attempts to connect,but never establishes a connection

    also the engineer mode in my android doesnt have cds option(i found about this on internet that maybe this is a fix for my problem but it doesnt work for me.)

    please guide me i am very new to this.looking forward to your help.

    1. Osama bhai, ROM backup creation is must before uninstalling any system app or installing new ROM. Otherwise you can’t restore your original ROM. If you had created backup under CWM Recovery then you can restore it from there.

      I have removed my post “Resolve Invalid IMEI and Network Signal problem on Noir A2” because it didn’t work. Still I have no any other solution. Try to search on google !!!

  25. salam bro i have rooted noir a2 v3 with cwm recovery .i hav increased internal memory using link 2 sd app .now i wana increase ram plz help me

  26. Usman Bhai i have Qmobile A2 v2. second step mein jis mein battery unplugged kar k 14 seconds k baad connect kar k download ka button press karna hay usb laga kar us mein problem aaraha hay
    “Sp Flash Tool Error : (8100)
    [ANDROID USB] can not find USB port !
    1. Lack of battery power of your target.
    2. Hardware problem of your cable.
    3. There is a leakage of usb hub if your are using a usb hub.
    4. You Do not install for android download yet.
    Please check above items or catch Sp Flash Tool logs and UART4 log to fing help”
    and Jo ADB drivers hain wo bhi sirf windows 7 tak hain but i am using Windows 8 x86
    Please help me to root my A2.. 🙂

  27. a.s.a sir thankyou very much I have rooted my qmobile a2 by following you .but play store me jo purchasing apps thy wo free nhi howy hain

  28. Aslam-alikum Usman sb mein nay dekha k app nay kafi users ki madad kee umeed karta hoo mujya b jawab milay ga mein nay recently a2 noir liyay laykeen sub ki tarha mujay b memory kaam honay ki problem aa rahi haa mein nay app ka diya howa ouper ka method use kiya laykeen jasay hi usb connect ki flash method mein download karnay k baad error aa giya phir ya sub comments perhay tu pata chal ya method v2 ka haa or badnaseebi say mera a2 v3 haa tu plz v3 ka b asa simple sa method bana dain mein nay ozair ko app ka diya howa v3 ka method dekha haa magar wo kafi mushfil haa tu plz koi simple method ka link bta dain jawab kuch b hoo laykeen dee jeya gaa zarror intazar rahay gaa or hian plz koshish zarror ke jeya k v3 ka koi easy mehtod ban jai or hain app ka koi mail id mil jai ya app ka number or app kaha say hain shukria

      1. Asalm-o-alikum shukria mujay app ka jawab tu mil giya laykeen usman sb kab tak app try karnay walay ho plz agar jali hoo jai tu meharbani hoo gee

      2. aur hain usman sb ya jo sheery ko error aa raha haa ya hi error mujay b aa raha agar is koi soulation tu shayd mein b try tu kaam ban jai

  29. Asalam-o-alikum Usman sb mein nay dekha k app nay kafi users ki madad ke umeed karta hoo k mujay b koi soulation dain gay mein nay chund din phaly hi a2 noir liya or sub ki tarha mujay b memory ki problem howi mwin nay app k diyay howay up method ko use kiya lakeen flash mein jasay hi download pay click karta error aa jata mein nay kafi dafa try kiya phir mein nay ya sub comments perhay tu pata chala ya method v2 k liyay haa or badnaseebi say meray pass a2 v3 haa khair mein nay ozair ko diya howa app ka method dekha v3 k liyay laykeen wo kafi mushkil haa tu plz koi asa hi easy method v3 k liyay haa tu plz bta dain or hain agar app koi mail address ya mob no mil jai shukria umeed karta hoo jasay sub ko koi na koi soulation mila mujay b milay ga jawab ka intazar rahay gaa or hain agar koi facebook id hoo tu b chlay ga looking forward

  30. i am having problem in the this step:
    Click on “Scatter-loading” radio button and select “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt” file :
    an error appears saying:
    assertion failed: 0 && “syntax error: xml file to be loaded could not be found!,’ file /XMLNODE.cpp,line33
    if i click on ok another error appears
    abnormal program termination.
    kindly help me out. ill be very grateful 🙂

      1. You can take screenshot from Qmobile PC Suite when connected with usb cable or install an app “screenshot” from play store or use my windows app “AndScreen” from my site.

  31. On the step where I have to download the file and immediately connect my phone to my laptop, I’m getting an SP FLASH TOOL ERROR: 8100
    Any help?

  32. BROTHER I HAVE ROOTED QMOBILE A2 LITE BUT I have tried thousand methods but It dont install cwm recovery. 0342-4691198

  33. Mera pas a2 v2 hai main ny usy vroot sy root kia tha us wqat sy recovery mode aa ni rha qmobile noir wala logo pr stuck rehta hai

  34. usman bahi jb scatter loading file add karta hun to likha ata “Assertion Failed; 0&& “syntax error : xml file to be loaded could not be found !” .\ XMLNode.cpp,line 33
    phr ok karo to ata hy
    “Abnormal program termination”

      1. Please download new copy of Noir A2 ROOT.rar file and uncompress it. Open SP_Flash_Tool / msxml6 folder and execute msxml6.msi file. Then follow root process again. Hope this will resolve the xml problem.
        Note: I have replaced msxml6.msi file with it’s english version. So you must download new copy of Noir A2 ROOT.rar file.

  35. Usman Bhai : Jaise hi download button press ker usb cable k sath phone attach kerta hoon to yeh error show hota hai.

    EBOOT ERROR : (10003)

    [BOOT] read / write sync packet ‘DOWNLOAD’ from target bootloader failed!


    1.Please check if the com cable connection is good.
    2.Please check if the bootloader (xldreboot / uboot)is good
    3.May Be bootloader’s problem.
    Please catch target bootloader’s log to get more information and to find help.

  36. usman bhai i got a problem with mine A2 as well when i skype with some one after that, the person i spoke in contact list and when i try to delete as soon as i acess it it says android process acess has stoped unexpectedly phir force clos and try again came and dissapperead but names still appeares there would you please help me out with this ? it became a headche for me so many times i reset it on factory settings as i am not an advances user but installed history eraser cleaner by infolifellc plz tell me solution

  37. hello bro
    hw r u
    yar q mble noir a2 ki koi custom rom ha jo ram increase karne k lye swap file or swap partition accept kare..kyn k iski stock rom swap nahi karti sd card k sath…koi tareqa ha to plz guide karo.or link bheg do. .mene swaper 2 or swapper bhe try kar lia .busybox k sath..ram expender Cell is rooted.
    link 2 sd is also working but swaping not .wtng for ur reply

  38. Aslam-O-alekum Usman Bhai,I have Qmobile Noir A2 V2 but i am having issue while loading “MT6573_Android_scatter.txt” file in Sp Flash tool, its gives this error

    Assertion Failed: 0 && “Syntax error: xml file to be loaded could not be found!” , file
    .\XML Node.cpp, line 33

    then i press Ok and another Dialogue box appears woth this message

    Abnormal Program Termination

    Kindly Help me Usman bhai, Waiting….

  39. Dear Usman

    I have followed you complete process as prescribed above. I have faced no issue in complete process. When i have used Super SU app on mobile, it have granted root access to Clean Master. But when i try to delete preloaded apps from clean master it says that you need root access to delete. Kindly, help me in this regard

  40. Brother I don’t know how to thank you….!!!

    The clear pictures help to make it easy…..!!!

    Again thanks thanks thanks….!!!

  41. Hi Usman, pls tell me from where to install Clockworkmod recovery in my karbonn A1+ any website’s name. Or any other recovery mode such as TWRP, etc because i want to upgrade my Android. Pls help.

  42. Usman bhai very very thanks my Q mobile Noir A2 V2 is rooted now , but the problem is when I open Super Su application in aplication tab there is wrte that no app is configured please help me,
    Jzak Allah and happy Ramzan Karim

    1. Salam Sohail, sorry for very late reply. You don’t need to open SuperSU app. Just start any app which requires root permission. Accept this root permission when prompted.

  43. AOA,
    Mene kal bhi post ki thi lekin wo aaj nazar hi nhi arhi hay, meine apne q mobile a2 noir classic ko root to kar lia hay. Jab super user application open karta hoo to us ke aplication wale tab mei yeh likha huwa aa ta hay ke : no service configured, aur log wale tag mei bhi yhi likha huwa ata hay, jabke us ke setting mein Su super user enabled hay..
    Please help..

  44. my pc is not detecting my cell phone even after installing the drivers …. please tell me why it isn’t detecting my device …….. it starts to charge my device but doesn’t show its option on desktop and i have enabled usb debugging but still not working

  45. Bhai man na stock rom jab install ki tu invalid imei ka masla a gya market sa b sai ni huwa ap k links b work ni kar rha kia mera mobile bekar ha ab?

  46. coming error when i click download option and attach use cable just like this…plzz help i want root a2 v3…plzz
    EBOOT EROOR : (16008)

    [Android] Partiton size changed

    Partial images download error.
    The following partition must be down FUll downloaded all to gether

  47. Usman Bahi
    Sp Flash Tool ERROR :8100
    [Android USB] Can’t Find Usb Port
    men kia karoooooooooooo please 2 gahante men reply de den

  48. dear sr i want to remove my application in to my mobile like utube and other application but given error thats root problems how i can plz help me

  49. qssalam-o-alaikum sir main q2 lo root karna chata hun jo kuch require tha sab karne k bad b jab download start karta hun tu error deta he plz some one help me my no 03474174916

  50. i have a problem i tried to root my a2 but after installing cwm recovery i realized that my qmobile a2 is v1.and due to this my recovery mode wont open please help me here…

  51. friends main ny apny noir ko root kar liya hai
    error ka solution
    ager flash tool error daita hai start main tu nokia pc suit install karo apny computer main
    phir recovery ko tick kar k recovery option par click karna hai mostly friends yeh karna bhol jaty hain
    driver yeh kaam nahi karty driver qmobile ki disc sy install karo ya phir aik website thi mujhy yaad nai auto driver installer download karo
    zaroor ho jayay ga i checked it on xp window

  52. Bhai man na CWM recovery khatam karni ha aur mobile ka setup original karna ha,, i want to unroot and unistall cmw recovery ,,please reply,,
    kun k qmobile wala aur market wala kah rha han k mobile software ni utha rha aur mja cmw recovery e is ka masla lagti ha.

  53. Usman bhai
    Mine ap na QMobile A30 ko

    Root kar ke noir A10 ka
    Stock rom install kia
    To mera mobile reboot hogia to 2mins ke bad

    Mere mobile ke screen

    Flesh lait ae to mera mobile

    Phir se on hogia jab men’s
    Root check kia to to mera
    Mobile unroot hogia

    Jab mine reset

    Kia to reset nahe howa

    Ab me kya karo

    Plz help me

  54. I have rooted and installed Turbo ROM on my Qmobile A2. Then i formatted system,cache and delvip cache and after that my screen goes white after pressing lock button and now my sim doesnot work on my mobile. Baseband is also disabled. My sim is working on all other mobiles. Can some body help me please?

  55. Usman saab, I found the same procedure about Qmobile Noir A10 on many sites. when i performed it, my mobile is not going into CWM recovery. And even before that, apps like MobileUncle MTK tools was also not working for the desired purpose.

    Can you please help?

  56. plzz help usman bhai …
    mn ny a2 v3 root krna hai or recovery stock he rakhni hai tu root krny k baad recovery sy backup bna ln tu us backup sy phone unbrick ho jy ga stock recovery sy ?????

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