New Version of AndScreen 1.1.0 Released !!

Yesterday, I had released a minor update of AndScreen version 1.1.0. These minor changes are as follows:

● Added New Feature: Create unlimited profiles for android phones. Your selected profile will be loaded automatically on startup of AndScreen software.

● Change: Now “Locate ADB Folder” feature is under “Settings” menu.

Read complete list of features of AndScreen from this page.

You can download AndScreen latest version from this link:

Screenshots of AndScreen 1.1.0:

Andscreen (System Mode):


AndScreen (Recovery Mode):


AndScreen 1.1.0 Version:


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2 thoughts on “New Version of AndScreen 1.1.0 Released !!”

  1. it is not installing. i am on win 8.1. smart screen is blocking it, y? can u plz tell if its not harmful, don’t have malicious cod y smart screen blocking it. thnx. plz give picture attach facility along with comment. thnx

    1. AndScreen is totally safe, having no harmful utility. I’ve installed it on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7 machine. Avast Antivirus may block its installation because of AndScreenRefresh.exe file which is nothing but only used to restart the main application. This exe file will be called when a user press the “Refresh” button on main form. You must turned your Antivirus (or Smart Screen) off before installation. Though I didn’t check it on Windows 8.1.

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