Windows XP Tutorial: How to Check CorelDRAW (CDR) File Version without using CorelDRAW Software

This tutorial is specifically for Windows XP users, although this is also applicable to all Windows versions. If you are using CorelDRAW X7 or later version then this tutorial is not for you. In this case, you can follow this article. Now, let’s start reading and follow the instructions.

  1. Install Notepad++ open source software. We will use Notepad++ because it is fast and has better text readability than that of Windows Notepad text editor.

  2. Right click on CDR file and open it with Notepad++:


  3. We can see version number of CDR file at the first line:article-13.11.2018-bLike this: ……. CDR9vrsn……

    Here, 9 is the version number of CorelDRAW software used to save this CDR file. Please note that we can open this file with CorelDRAW 9 or later versions but not older than 9. So, if you have CDR file saved with version 16 (CorelDRAW X6) and you have version 9 installed then you can’t open it. You have to install version 16 or ask someone to save this CDR file in version 9 format and send to you.

    From above practice, we can get these version numbers from different CDR files:

    CDR7vrsn = CorelDRAW7 compatible file

    CDR9vrsn = CorelDRAW9 compatible file

    CDRAvrsn = CorelDRAW10 compatible file

    CDRBvrsn = CorelDRAW11 compatible file

    CDRCvrsn = CorelDRAW12 compatible file

    CDRDvrsn = CorelDRAW13 (X3) compatible file

    CDREvrsn = CorelDRAW14 (X4) compatible file

    CDRFvrsn = CorelDRAW15 (X5) compatible file


  4. If “PK” are the first two letters present in the beginning of CDR file then it means that its version number may be 16 (X6) or later:


  5. Close the Notepad++ and right click on above CDR file, open it with WinRAR or any other file compressor application (like 7-Zip) installed:


    If you don’t see above option, then select WinRAR from: Open With > Choose Program and select WinRAR or again click “Browse” button and select WinRAR exe file from its Program Folder.

  6. We can see different folders. Go to “metadata” folder and open it:article-13.11.2018-f
  7. Open “metadata.xml” file by double clicking on it:article-13.11.2018-g

    It is better to associate “XML” file format with Notepad++ app so that every time Notepad++ will open the XML file.

  8. Notepad++ will open this XML file. Scroll down the text and finally we can see these text lines:

    <ProductName>CorelDRAW X6</ProductName>


This XML file contains some more information about the project CDR file like number of pages, page width & height, page dimensions (inches), page orientation, X & Y resolutions (pixels), type of effects used and so on.

Point # 4 and onwards are applied to CDR files saved with version 16 (X6) or later like:

CorelDRAW 16 = X6

CorelDRAW 17 = X7

CorelDRAW 18 = X8

CorelDRAW 19 = 2017

CorelDRAW 20 = 2018

Its a better practice to include version number information into the CDR file name in this pattern:



and so on.

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